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April 4: The Perfect Makeover Sculptor

I will cry to God most high, Who performs on my behalf and rewards me (Who brings to pass His purposes for me and surely completes them)!Psalms 57:2

Read: Ruth 2:1-23

It doesn’t take very long from when we begin to walk with the Lord before we realize what a specialist He is in making greatness out of smallness. God is a perfect “Makeover Artist.” Little wonder God often refers to Himself as the Potter and us His children as clay. (Jeremiah 18:1-4) He is forming our lives into something beautiful. He is fashioning us and making us into the image of his dear Son. The story of Ruth is one great example in the Scriptures of how God can make something beautiful out of nothing. In spite of the losses she had experienced and the setback she had suffered, Ruth was wise enough to not bury her destiny. She continued to believe that God had a better future prepared for her. And even though she had lost her husband, and there was very little hope for her in the natural, God raised up a ‘kinsman redeemer’ in Boaz to effect the turn-around which He had ordained for her future. Friend, if God could take Ruth from tragedy to majesty, then He can do that and more for just about anybody else. Do you feel like the future is bleak today? Do you feel like your best days are gone and over? I want to declare to you that what you feel is a lie of the devil. Your best days are just ahead of you! The Great Potter has you on His wheel. He is making something beautiful out of your life. So thank Him today and rejoice in His good plan for your future.