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April 2: God Will Come Through

Said I not unto thee that if thou wouldest believe, thou shouldest see the glory of God? John 11:40

Read: I Samuel 1:1-27; Psalms 37:32-40

I believe you are familiar with the expression ‘delay is not denial.’ Many times when our blessings seem to tarry or a breakthrough seems long in coming, we are tempted to give up on God and quit. I’m sure Mary and Martha felt just that when Jesus delayed His going to minister to their brother, Lazarus, who was very ill. I’m quite sure they wondered what kind of friend Jesus was. Hannah in the Old Testament (I Samuel 1:1-27), probably also felt like it was no use being so faithful to God. She was the godly one and Peninnah was the nasty one but she seemed to get all the children and Hannah’s prayer for a child went unanswered for years. The Psalmist says sometimes the wicked appear to get the better end of the deal (Psalms 37:32-40). It seems like those who are really seeking God and living to please Him are not as blessed as those who are not. But I want you to know child of God, that God is faithful. And He is never mocked. He will come through for you at the perfect time. Someone says He may not be there when you want Him but He’s always right on time! Mary and Martha will tell you that. And so will Hannah. If your miracle or breakthrough or blessing seem to tarry today, don’t give up! Keep on believing and God will come through for you.