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April 1: Candidates for Glory

“And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together: for the mouth of the Lord has spoken itIsaiah 40:5

Read:Isaiah 40:3-5; I Peter 4:13

God has promised, child of God, that His glory will be revealed in your life in this season. This is your season to shine like the stars! The Amplified Bible uses the words “Majesty” and “Splendor” in its rendition of the word “Glory.” So when God promises that His glory will be revealed over our lives, He is saying you and I are being set up for majesty and splendor. I know that many times in our lives, what we seem to experience is the exact opposite. We sometimes feel like we are so far from the glory of God like the Jews were at a point in their history. They lost their battles, were disgraced, had their expectations dashed, and felt abandoned by God. One of their women came up with the word ‘Ichabod’ to describe their situation because it seemed the glory had departed from the nation. Yet, in the midst of whatever you may feel or be experiencing today, friend, God is assuring you that His glory will be revealed over your life. And that glory isn’t just eternal but the Word says it will be seen by everyone! So expect to be distinguished and blessed. Expect to be honored by God in this season. Expect your prayers to be answered. Expect the glory of God to burst through your darkness, in Jesus’ ¬†name. Amen.


  1. It was a blessing, and l thank you for this part of the ministry. It has become our daily devotion bible study material.
    God will continue to anointed you for greater works for His Kingdom.
    Rev. G.

  2. This song was playin in my head as I read this devo this morning! Be Expectant-God is faithful!

    Find the Video Here:

    While Im Waiting
    John Waller

    I’m waiting, I’m waiting on You, Lord
    And I am hopeful, I’m waiting on You, Lord
    Though it is painful, But patiently… I will wait

    I will move ahead, bold and confident
    Takeing every step in obedience
    While I’m waiting…
    I will serve You…..While I’m waiting
    I will worship….While I’m waiting
    I will not faint….I’ll be running the race
    Even while I wait

    I’m waiting
    I’m waiting on You, Lord
    And I am peaceful
    I’m waiting on You, Lord
    Though it’s not easy
    But faithfully, I will wait
    Yes, I will wait

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