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April 25: Doors of Opportunity

“Behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it?” Revelations 3:8

Read:?Numbers 13:25-33; Numbers 14:1-9; Isaiah 45:1-8

There are doors of opportunity everywhere around us! Opportunities are created by God to help us make advances toward our destiny. Opportunities are like connecting doors. You go in through them and they lead you to greater doors. That is why people sometimes say that opportunity knocks but once. And even though that is not really true, great blessings come into our lives when we seize opportunities that God brings our way and use them wisely. You may have missed some great opportunities in the past like we all have. But your life is not over. God is still the Creator. He can create new opportunities and give second chances. So quit knocking yourself on the head because of mistakes you’ve made. Get up and get going again! Many people don’t recognize God-given opportunities because they are presented as ‘needs’. Just about anyone can recognize that a gift is a blessing. But few people see needs around them as blessings or opportunities that lead to increase and profit. The other big challenge with using God-given opportunities is ‘attitude’. It takes a positive, faith-filled attitude to explore and possess the opportunities that God brings our way. Most of us are familiar with the story of Caleb and Joshua, and the other 10 spies sent out by Moses to view the Promised land. While Joshua and Caleb recognized the opportunity to prove God’s Word and possess their inheritance, the other 10 spies were negative, choosing to see obstacles rather than opportunities. So let me ask you: what do you see around you today? Problems or challenges? Obstacles or opportunities? Explore the needs in your life and others around you today. In what ways can you help? Do you possess an answer to somebody’s nightmare? That may be your stepping stone to destiny. Joseph met needs in the life of a butler and 2 years later was summoned by the king to the palace. Everything you do counts for your future. So give it your best shot. Develop a faith attitude, and take hold of your opportunities.