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April 26: When The Going Gets Tough

“For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries.”I Corinthians 16:9

Read: John 16:22-33; I Peter 1:6-12; James 1: 2-12

Beloved, there is a strong Word of encouragement that is burning in my heart for you today. You may have been knocked down many times on your walk with God. In fact, you may feel knocked down right now. May be you’ve struggled and struggled, and now you’re just tired of getting up and going again. The truth is even though God has prepared many opportunities for you, there will be as many adversaries as there are opportunities. Which means the higher you go in destiny, the greater the challenges you will confront. Apostle Paul was rejoicing for the many opportunities which God had made available to him, but claimed at the same time that there were many adversaries. And you know the chief adversary himself; Mr. Devil will do everything in his power to attempt to stop us. Jesus said in the world we have many troubles, but we ought to rejoice because He has overcome the world! That tells me that whatever you are dealing with in your life right now has already been overcome! So keep rejoicing and keep your hope alive regardless of how tough the going gets. You know you’ve come too far to quit now. You can’t afford to throw in the towel and bury your future now. I like to say to Satan that as long as I have breath in me, I’m coming back in the ring, and that means trouble for him! It’s not over until God says so. And He won’t blow the final whistle until I’ve won. Yeah, we all get knocked down every now and then. Sometimes, all hope seems lost and the devil speaks loudly that our best days are behind us. But do you know that rotten devil is a dirty liar? So whenever he says things to you, you ought to be rejoicing! There is hope in your future. God is working out this situation for your good. Very soon, if you will keep standing, you will see God’s hands and find His providence. Are you broke today? Money is coming your way. Are you jobless? A job has already been released to you. Do you believe for a godly spouse? One has been dispatched already! Good things are coming your way today, in Jesus? name. So rejoice in Him. Hallelujah!