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April 23:The Power of Passion

“That is why I would remind you to stir up (rekindle the embers of) ‘the inner fire’  that is in you?” I Timothy 1:6(AMP)

Read: Exodus 2:11, 12; John 2:14-17; Hebrews 12:1-3

Recently, the world was awed by Mel Gibson’s ‘Passion of the Christ’. Theatres around the world were packed full and many people impacted by the passion of our Lord expressed through the movie. Most viewers couldn’t understand how any human being would endure all that our Lord suffered on, and before, the cross. It is amazing that in spite of all He went through, the Bible says He still had joy in the experience. And that is the power of passion. Without passion or zeal, it is practically impossible for any destiny to be fulfilled. So let me ask you today: what is your passion? What is burning in your heart? Passion is such a powerful thing, and it is crucial to the fulfillment of your destiny. Jesus became so passionate about His Father’s house, he did the unthinkable to protect it from abuse. When your heart becomes stirred by passion, then your destiny gets within reach. Begin to pay attention to your passion today. Entertain the passions you have. Many of them are sown in your heart by the Holy Spirit. Don’t let your passion lay around idly until it gets cold and powerless. Give expression to your passion. Get up and do something about it. Moses got up and did something about his passion, and that drove him to his destiny. If you care about something deeply enough, then boldly step out and address it. Paul, an uncommon mentor, said to his protege Timothy, to stir up the ‘gift’. That’s what you need to do. That gift or burning zeal in your heart will bring you before kings. It will help you fulfill your destiny. Any human being without a passion is as good as dead. So ask the Holy Spirit to stir a passion in your heart today that will bring good to someone’s life either in the Church or in the secular world. Fan the flame inside you until it becomes a great fire, for God. Let the zeal of God consume you today, in Jesus’  name.