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April 22: Your Dream Is Your Future

“Delight thyself also in the Lord and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart” Psalms 37:4

Read: Genesis 15:1-6; Genesis 37:5-9

Do you have a dream? I’m not talking about those pictures you see when you’ve loaded yourself up with some “heavy-duty” dinner just before going to bed. Those are not the dreams I’m talking about. I’m referring to images and strong persistent desires implanted in your heart by the Holy Spirit that you can’t get rid of. These may come to you in your conscious moments of meditation, in your sleep, or through other means as you fellowship with the Lord. When thinking about discovering and fulfilling your destiny, the most important thing you need is the Word of God. That is because the Word is like a map that guides your drive on a long complicated journey to a set destination. If you choose to find your own way on this complicated journey, chances are you may never arrive! But closeness to the Word guarantees you clarity of direction on your journey. But the next most important thing you must have is a dream. Your dream of the future is the image of where you are going. It’s like the yard stick that helps you measure your progress on the trip. The Holy Spirit operates a lot in the realm of dreams. As you walk with God, He’ll begin to plant strong desires in your heart for your future. You’ll begin to want to achieve certain feats, and move in certain directions. And the closer you get to achieving those desires, the more fulfilled you’ll become. Your dreams will sustain your life. Of course, the “dream-killer” Satan will try to kill your dream seed. He’ll attack you with all kinds of temptations and defeatist thoughts. But you must believe in God and in your dream. Keep focused on it and don’t let go. Let the dream stir your choices and determine your decisions. I can see your dreams fulfilled, in Jesus’ name. Delight in God today and He’ll fulfill your desires.