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April 20: Destined For Royalty

“And hath made us kings and priests unto God and His father.” Revelation 1:6

Read:I Samuel 9:1-10; Judges 6:1-14; Joshua 2:1-21

Let me ask you a question today. What kind of picture do you see concerning your future? Do you see yourself blessed and happy, living a fulfilled life? Or have you accepted Satan’s lie that your life will never amount to anything? The picture you carry in your heart is a very important determinant of what God can do for you. And that is why He has put in my heart to share with you the picture that He sees concerning your destiny. God has destined you for royalty. In fact He calls you and me kings and priests. You may say, “but I don’t feel or see anything to suggest that I can be so privileged” Well, the good news is you are not alone. In fact, everyone that God has used and blessed at some point or the other in their lives were so far from where God was taking them, it seemed an impossible dream. But remember, God is not a man. His thoughts are higher than ours and so are his ways. Saul, who later became the first king of Israel, was just a regular guy. He was looking for “something” that his family had lost when God led him to the prophet and eventually to royalty! Have you lost some things in life? Opportunities, finances, relationships, etc? You may be so focused on what you’ve lost that you may be missing out on the great future that God has prepared. But I want to challenge your faith today. Begin to look beyond the things you’ve lost and get a new vision for your future. Gideon was a timid man who saw himself as the lowest of the low and yet God called him a “mighty man of valor!” Joseph was sold to slavery but he became the most significant person in his generation. Jesus was born in a manger but is today at the right hand of the Father. And one of his great grandmothers was once a prostitute. But God redeemed Rahab and destined her for royalty. Maybe you have some mistakes in your past, too? Rahab’s story helps us see that what is most important in our lives is not where we’ve fallen, but what we rise up to. Hallelujah! I am so excited at what God will do in your future. Go ahead and praise him for it, today. Praise God!!