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April 10: Enhancing the Glory

But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained unto our gloryI Corinthians 2:7

Read: II Pet 1: 16-21; I Corinthians 2:6-16

Yesterday, we saw how the glory of God easily becomes manifested in our lives when we get close to His Word, and when we hold on to His promises like Abraham did. Thank God when the Word is made ‘flesh’ in our lives, His glory becomes visible! However, there are other agents that help enhance God’s glory. The Holy Spirit usually is the dispenser of the glory. The Bible says eyes have not seen nor ears heard the great things that have been prepared for us by God. But these things become revealed to us by the Holy Spirit. And once they are revealed, they become manifested because revelation is what links God’s promises to their manifestation. So you need to always be connected with the Holy Spirit. We need to work at becoming more and more intimate with Him daily. It is not enough to rush through our day with a short prayer in the car. We must make room for the Holy Spirit by spending time in God’s presence. Then, we also need to make room for the activity of angels in our lives. Angels are the messengers of the covenant. They are the bridge between heaven and earth, going to and fro carrying the blessings of God from Him to us. Angels love it when people praise and worship God, because that is their primary assignment (Psalms 103:19-22). So when you are a ‘praiser’, rather than a ‘grumbler’, you help accelerate the work of God’s angels. They also respond to the voice of God’s Word. So we must be people who confess the Word. Don’t just read, hear and believe the Word; you must confess it daily too. Finally, God still uses prophetic vessels to proclaim and release His glory upon His people. So make sure you are in covenant relationship with a prophetic vessel of God such as a pastor, preacher, or minister who is ministering the Word consistently into your life. I see all your heart desires manifested upon your life speedily, in Jesus Name. Amen