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October 2: An Eternal Memorial

“…this is my name for ever, and this is my memorial unto all generations…” Exodus 3:15

Read: Genesis 17:1-7; Exodus 6: 1-8; Phil 2:5-11


God’s Name has never changed. Just like God, His Name is the same from generation to generation. The manifested attributes experienced may vary from one generation to another but God’s name is always the same. In fact, one of the names God first introduced Himself by was the name ‘Jehovah’ (or YHWH in the Hebrew). That is one of the most powerful, most awesome names of God. He used this name first with Moses and told him, because of that aspect of His nature, Moses would not fail. Now Abraham had known God by a different name: “El-Shaddai,” or the God who is more than enough or the “breasted” God with more than sufficient supplies to meet the needs of His children! Wow!! Isn’t that a magnificent thought? That no matter what your needs are, God has sufficient to meet the need! Oh! That just makes me want to shout!! If a 99 year-old man could experience the creative, multiplying power of El-Shaddai and have his body completely rejuvenated, and then grandma Sarah could come from the state of ‘barren’ to princess and “mother of nations”; then my friend there is nothing I need that El-Shaddai can- not supply! Why don’t you put this devotional down for a moment and just bless the excellent Name of our God. Take a moment today and thank God for the name El-Shaddai, and for what He is doing in your own life right now. Hallelujah! I see you like Abraham and Sarah. I see you with a new name because of God’s Name! I see you living in the realm of the supernatural because of God’s excellent Name. Glory be to God. Give Him praise today.