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October 15: The Foundation of Excellence

“But Daniel determined in his heart that he would not defile himself ….” Daniel 1:8 (AMP)



Read : Daniel 1:3-21; Deuteronomy 1:9-11


There are 2 major concepts at the foundation of a life of excellence, and we see both of them exhibited in the life of Daniel in our text today. The first essential requirement for a life of excellence is a life-long commitment and devotion to God’s Word as the guide and instruction manual for life; the second is a quality decision to uphold the standard of excellence in all areas of your life. Daniel began his journey of excellence by making that decision of quality. It’s called a decision of quality because it is one that you’ll never pull away from even when it hurts to keep it. The reason many people stumble through life, falling and rising, is because they have not made a decision of quality. So make your own quality decision today to live by the standard of excellence in all areas of life. When you do, God gets an opportunity to prove His ‘Law of Excellence’ in your life. Like Daniel, over a period of time, you will become ten times better than your peers. Do you believe that? It will work if you will work it. I have heard many people say, “It looks like this thing doesn’t work.” But usually when I look closely, I find that these people are not operating by the spirit of excellence. I convinced myself a long time ago that I am not so special for God to break His rule or make a negative exception in my situation. So if something is not working, I look at me, not Him. Do the same today. Is there something that is not working? Are you fulfilling the law of excellence? If you are, then be patient. Because very soon God will demonstrate through your life that the Word works! Hallelujah! You will be made ten times better. You will be made a thousand times more!! Get ready for it. Shout about it today. Glory to God!!