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November 29: Divine Formula for Success

..Eye hath not seen nor ear heard….but God hath revealed them to us by His Spirit.” – I Corinthians 2: 9,10

Read: Isaiah 43:1-7; Habakkuk 2:1-4

It is imperative to have a vision for our future. We need to be able to see what God sees about us, and keep that picture before our eyes even when it seems like it’s not happening. Even though some things we believe God for seem to tarry, if we keep them alive in our spirits, they will soon come to pass. However, in addition to vision, there is a need for Divine instructions in order to fulfil the vision. God revealed a formula for success to Jacob in Laban’s house. And even though circumstances were unfavourable, Jacob prospered. The Holy Spirit wants to reveal God’s formula for success to you. It is unconventional, and it is peculiar to your situation. It is wisdom. You may not find it in books or other peoples’ stories, but if you will take time to ask the Lord for it, and wait, it will be revealed to you. That formula is what will distinguish you amongst your peers. It will single you out and cause favours to flow in your direction. Ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes today. Take time out to incubate whatever He reveals to you in your prayer closet. Then step out in faith to make it work.

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  1. Lord…Open the eyes of our hearts to see You and all You have prepared for Your children.
    Thank You Lord for ALL your PROMISES..

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