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November 26: The Spirit Bears Witness

Whereof the Holy Ghost also is a witness to us……”   – Hebrews 10:15

Read: Romans 8:11-16; I John 5:4-12

Many times in seeking to find the leading of God, we all sub-consciously expect the Lord to come to us through spectacular manifestations and experiences. Sometimes we want to see a vision or hear voices, or have someone prophesy upon us what God’s direction is. And sometimes, we are just too impulsive, too impatient, or too lazy to wait on God’s leading. However, God desires to speak to us more than we desire to hear from Him because He loves us and wants the best for us. He chooses though, most times, to just lead us through the inner witness of His Spirit. And we miss out because it isn’t spectacular. As we grow up into mature Christians, we must develop ourselves more on the inside. We must train our spirit beings to pick up signals from the Holy Spirit. Sometimes, that inner witness is a good, peaceful “feeling” in our hearts even though our minds don’t agree. That is usually a “green light” to proceed. And sometimes it is a “check” or an uncomfortable “feeling” in spite of the fact everything looks okay. Before making important decisions, pray and wait. Then respond in faith.