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May 12: Prove it First

“…but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good…will of God.”Romans 12:2

Read: Daniel 1:1-21

It is wisdom to prove the principles of God’s Word first in the small things of life before confronting the giants with the same principles. Daniel and his companions asked to be tested (and proven) on a diet of vegetables while they invoked the power of their covenant with God to keep them healthy and robust. Within 10 days, it had become obvious to their masters that their covenant worked even when all they had was a diet of vegetables! They came out looking more ‘robust’ and fleshly than their counterparts who had compromised by feasting on the king’s meat. David did the same thing. He proved his slingshot first on the bear before going out to confront Goliath with the same ‘weapon.’ If it works in 10 days, it’ll work in 3 years; if it works with the lion and the bear, it’ll work with Golly; if it works in the little things, it’ll work in the big things. So prove the Word in the small things first, and prepare yourself for greater victories in the future. When you have little needs, look for the promise in God’s Word and stand on it. Challenge your faith in God’s Word. Make it stronger by exercising it. It’ll produce for you!