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January 10: How Lovely are Your Tabernacles

HOW LOVELY are Your tabernacles, O Lord of hosts! – Isaiah 84:1

Read:  Psalms 84:1-4

Beloved, you are God’s tabernacle. The Bible says you and I are the “temple” of the Holy Spirit. The word tabernacle isn’t necessarily a physical structure or tent or building. God’s tabernacle is wherever His presence abides. And that’s why it is lovely. When God’s presence continually abides in you, it makes you favorable, desirable, and lovely. When you find your position in the courts of the Almighty God, or when you find your place around His altar, then His rest, joy, peace, and fulfillment are made available to you. The illustration is given us in Psalm 84, of a bird that’s looking for a “resting place” to lay her eggs. The eggs are all formed and ready but she can’t bring them forth or hatch them without a suitable place. And we are just like that bird. There is so much that has been implanted within us: dreams, destiny, potential, success, etc. They have all been formed within us but we can’t bring them forth outside of God’s abiding presence. Let me counsel you: Don’t go around restlessly looking for ‘perfect’ conditions for the success you seek. Develop a strong relationship with God’s presence, and you will discover the opportunity to maximize your God-given potential. Begin today!