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January 4: Pressing into His Presence


For this very reason, adding your diligence [to the divine promises], employ every effort in exercising your faith to develop virtue (excellence, resolution, Christian energy), and in [exercising] virtue [develop] knowledge (intelligence). II Peter 1:5 (AMP)

Read:  Philippians 3:7-9, 14

There is a popular Gospel song that says, “more love, more power, more of You in my life.” That should be more than a song to us. It should be our daily prayer. Personally, I want to know the Lord more than I know Him right now. How about you? I’ll never forget after I received the Lord in February 1982, there was this hunger that I noticed in most of the young believers around me. Their hunger for God was so strong; it began to rub off on me! However, I soon found out that that hunger would cost me some ‘comforts’ that I had been previously accustomed to. I took on the new Christian lifestyle that I had just embraced, but found I had to give up some of the old habits and relationships I used to have. Going up higher in your relationship with God and enjoying the benefits of God’s presence is going to take a ‘press’ from you. You won’t be able to remain in your old ‘comfort zone’ doing the same old things you used to do. Determine to discipline your flesh today, and make a fresh commitment to the things of God.