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February 27: The Still Small Voice

“The Lord?hath opened mine ear, and I was not rebellious, neither turned away back” – Isaiah 50:5

Read:? I Kings 19:1-18; Acts 23:1; I Timothy 1:5, 19; Hebrews 9:14

The story of Prophet Elijah is a good illustration of what happens to us when we are not maximizing the benefits of the divine presence around us. God had just given him great victory over the evil prophets in the land. But in a moment of weakness, he became terrified, running from a situation he should have confronted and overcome. When God finally reached out to rescue him, he was so distracted by the noise around that he almost missed God?s still small voice. Our conscience is the voice of our spirit, and many times, it is like that still small voice. Jesus taught using the parable of the sower that the condition of our heart determines how much of God?s blessings can be multiplied in our lives. The indicator of the condition of our heart is the conscience. When our conscience is healthy, it shows we are in a good place with God. On the other hand, when our conscience is weak or defiled, it shows our heart is in need of God?s ?surgical? operation. The Holy Spirit will speak to us through our conscience if we are born again, and living right before God. Don?t indulge yourself in neglecting your conscience. Obey it promptly, and keep sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Sin and every form of impurity is noise. They deaden the conscience and keep people on the wrong road for years, unable to hear or respond to God. If you are having a hard time hearing God?s still small voice today, do a ?heart check? and ask God for a cleansing. Once He cleanses you, commit to a life of holiness. God will establish your heart in righteousness in Jesus Name. Amen.