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December 20: Flourish like the Palm Tree

“He shall come down like rain upon the mown grass: as showers that water the earth. In his days shall the righteous flourish….”Psalms 72:6- 7

Read: Psalms 37:1-10, 35

Don’t be overwhelmed when you see ungodly people making a lot of progress and prospering. The Bible says it won’t last. But the righteous have a different end. We will flourish like the palm tree and our lives will become progressively better. God compares our growth and increase to that of the palm tree. The palm tree is firm and strong and of long continuance. They grow upright, and under the greatest pressures, and rise upwards against the greatest weight upon them. That’s the way God sees you finishing this race of life. When it’s all over, we will be standing like the palm tree, pushing our way upwards, with our branches spread out, singing the songs of Zion! You may have had some ‘hurricanelike’ experiences. But by God’s mercy, you’re still here, standing tall, pushing upwards, and singing the songs of Zion. Friend, you are not a ‘survivor’ you are an overcomer; and “More than a conqueror.” Greater is He that is in you than all the devils in the world. I see you flourishing like the palm tree.