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DAY 23: I will not let You go!

Genesis 32:22-30; 2 Kings 18:41-45

“The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available [dynamic in its working].”  (James 5:16, AMPC)

I once heard someone say, “If prayer does not touch your heart, it will not touch the heart of God.” Prayer has to be passionate and flow from the depths of our heart. We can’t just recite prayers like a national anthem and not give thought and attention to what we are praying. Earnestness is seriousness, urgency, gravity, intensity, passion, desperation. When we pray that way in the moment because we care deeply about what we are praying for, and the Holy Spirit has been able to quicken us in our hearts, there will be answers. Can you imagine the earnestness with which God’s servant prayed when he was asking for rain after three and a half years of famine in the land? He wasn’t playing around with it, or just casually or religiously talking to God about it. He was serious, urgent, desperate, passionate and intense, and he would not quit until he received answers to his prayers.
Jacob was just as passionate and fervent when he was visited by God’s angel in our scripture reading above. He was desperate for God to move in his life. And when we have such fervency in prayer, heaven will respond, and we will see the power of God! May that power change your situation today!

Prayer: Make up your own prayer again.