Imparting life to the nations, one person at a time

DAY 20: If My People

2 Chronicles 7:11-20

“For the eyes of the Lord are on the upright, and his ears are open to their prayers: but the face of the Lord is against those who do evil.”  (1 Peter 3:12, BBE)

Beloved, prayer is the ‘breath’ of a believer, and it is the one spiritual exercise that moves God to arise on our behalf. Prayer is what ensures the delivery of the things God has for us that faith makes available. Prayer builds a spiritual ‘ladder’ for the angels so they can go back and forth and make things happen for us on the earth in accordance with God’s instructions in heaven. God promises to hear us every time we pray and grant us the desires of our hearts. The word of God shows us in several places that many of the faith giants of old were people like us. They were subject to passions, weaknesses and failures like us. But faith in God and their prayer lives turned them into giant-killers and world changers. You and I can overcome many limitations of our earthly existence if we learn to pray. There is no mountain that is insurmountable for a man and woman of prayer. There is no problem too difficult for a man or woman of prayer. There is no situation too hopeless for a man or woman of prayer. It’s time to step up in our prayer lives. Get started today!

Prayer: Make up your own prayer today.