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DAY 15: They that Honor Me

I Samuel 2:27-36

“Therefore the LORD God of Israel says: ‘I said indeed that your house and the house of your father would walk before Me forever.’ But now the LORD says: ‘Far be it from Me; for those who honor Me I will honor, and those who despise Me shall be lightly esteemed.”  (1 Samuel 2:30, NKJV)

We honor God through our commitment to Him and His kingdom, by serving Him, making sacrifices, giving to His ministries, and obeying His word. Eli, the priest, was well aware that he was showing more honor to his family than to God by allowing them to desecrate God’s sacrifices, and yet he did so anyway and made excuses for them where he should have corrected them. Whenever we show more honor to our natural obligations, like our relationships, jobs, finances, or personal dreams and ambitions than we show to God, we send a message to Him and those around us that He does not occupy the esteemed place in our lives. And if God does not occupy the esteemed place in our lives, He is limited on how He can bless us. Even though the Lord had made a promise to Eli, he and his children took the things of God for granted and despised Him. By so doing, they disqualified themselves from being honored by God. Commit to honoring God today.

Prayer: Father, I commit to honoring you in all I do today and for the rest of my life.