Imparting life to the nations, one person at a time

DAY 13: Doors of Opportunity

Exodus 15:22-27

“For a wide door of opportunity for effectual [service] has opened to me [there, a great and promising one], and [there are] many adversaries.”  (1 Corinthians 16:9, AMPC)

Opportunity is like an open door into a room full of treasures that can empower a person and help them elevate their lives. When we recognize and maximize the opportunities that are provided for us by God, we gain advantages in life that help us succeed. Although opportunity is sometimes disguised as work or difficulty, and not every opportunity originates from God, people with a good sense of recognition who take hold of their God-given opportunities are constantly rising and elevating from one degree of glory and esteem to another. God opened the eyes of Moses to see a tree and use it to heal the bitter waters of Marah. After their time of rest and refreshing, they finally resumed on their journey, and right afterwards came to a place called ‘Elim’ that had an abundant supply of good water and vegetation. That is exactly how opportunity works. Our ability to recognize and maximize them can make the difference between enjoying days of heaven on earth and a frustrated mundane struggle through life. I pray that your eyes are open to decipher, recognize and maximize the opportunities God has provided on your journey through life.

Prayer: Father, please help me recognize and maximize the opportunities you bring into my life.