Jesus Christ is Lord!

2021 Daniel Fast

21-Day Daniel Fast | January 11 – 31, 2021

Free Conference/Prayer line

(1 (866)882-8518 or (216)352-4160
Join us on the free prayer conference line every Monday through Friday mornings at 5 AM (EST) to pray in agreement with other believers during 21-day fast.

There will be no AM prayers on Saturdays and Sunday’s on the conference line

Recommended Reading

Through the fast, we will be reading the book, You shall Not Go Out Empty and, the You shall Not Go Out Empty Devotional as our devotional. Download your free copy now on your preferred online store ($0.99 on Kindle):

We encourage everyone to read as much of the word of God as possible during this time of fast; God speaks!

Midweek Bible Study

Every Wednesday evening at 8pm, we will meet on the free conference/prayer line for a Time of Ministry with Rev Kayode Tadese

General Guidelines for the Fast

In A.L.I.C., we recommend the following:

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