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August 16: God’s Unstoppable Word

“And you shall take this rod in your hand with which you shall work the signs that prove I sent you.” Exodus 4:17(AMP)


Read: Psalms 110:1, 2; Luke 4:32, 36; Exodus 4:17

There are four powerful things about God’s Word that you and I need to always remember: God’s Word is unstoppable. God’s Word is incorruptible. God’s Word is invincible. God’s Word is His integrity so he watches constantly over it to perform it. In one of our texts above, the Bible says Jesus had an amazing life and ministry before His generation. That was made possible by the Word of God, which He used as a rod. Luke 4:32 says the people were amazed at His teaching for His word was with authority and ability and weight and power. The Word of God carries within it an inherent authority that transforms the user into a sign and a wonder on the earth. The signs (or peculiar testimonies) produced by the Word of God in your life will be the proof God is working through you. King David prophesying in the psalms said that Jesus still rules on the earth today through the rod of His strength (the Word), which God sends out of Zion (the church; the Christian).  So your greatest asset in life is God’s Word. When you know it and use it as Jesus did while walking on earth, it enables you to reign in the same realm of Dominion where Jesus reigns.