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April 6: Do You Really Understand?

“Accordingly Philip asked, ‘Do you really understand what you are reading?’ ” Acts 8:30

Read:Acts 8:26-40; I Corinthians 2:6-14

Understanding is so crucial to survival and success in life. The question Philip asked the Ethiopian eunuch is one we all need to ask ourselves from time to time: do I really understand what I am reading in my circumstances? Do I really understand what is going on in my family? Is the picture I see about my destiny clear enough? Do I read my present challenge properly?, etc. When Joseph was sold to slavery, put in a pit, unfairly treated at Portiphar’s house and forgotten in prison, he never got bitter or vengeful. The one thing that helped him as he walked through life even though he seemed with each situation to be thrown farther and farther from his dream, was his understanding. He recognized God’s providence and rested in His Almighty Arms. What about you? Are you doing the same or are you unnecessarily troubled because everything happening around you seems to indicate God has misplaced your address? Sarah laughed at God’s promise of a child because she lacked understanding. If Jesus hadn’t understood that His shameful situation on the cross was ordained for His glory and that of the church, He would have aborted the “Glory Plan” like most of us do. But praise God, Jesus stayed the course, and as a result, you and I are children of God and joint heirs with Him today! Praise God the devil lost because he did not know the “Glory Plan”. I challenge you to become like Joseph and Jesus today. Sell out to your destiny. Determine to stay the course. And rejoice on the journey.