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April 28: Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude

“Only rebel ye not against the Lord, neither fear ye the people. For they are bread for us. Their defense is departed. The Lord is with us…” Numbers 14: 9

Read: Numbers 13:25-33; Numbers 14:1-9; Daniel 3:15-30

The positioning of the ‘nose’ of an aircraft is called its attitude. When it points down, the aircraft usually plunges downwards. But when it points upwards, then it usually rises. Your attitude is so important and crucial to your victory and fulfillment of your God-given destiny. If you have everything else going well for you, whether you fly, sink or crawl is determined by your attitude. And the root of your attitude usually your thinking. A lot of Christians have what can best be described as ‘stinking thinking’ they carry thoughts like “I’ll never make it”, “Nobody loves me”, “My life will never amount to anything” etc. Beloved, if you have been entertaining thoughts like that, you need a ‘Mind flush!’ And that means you need to set apart more time for the Word of God in your life. The Word of God births faith in us. And faith alone has the ability to slay the giants on the way to our destiny. When there is faith, giants become like grasshoppers; mountains become like bread that is devoured; obstacles become stepping stones to victory! And that was exactly how Caleb saw it. While the rest of the 12 spies sent out by Moses to view the land saw impossibilities, Caleb and Joshua saw great possibilities through God’s help. What about you beloved? Do you see your present challenges as stepping stones or have you concluded doomsday is here? Well I’ve got good news for you today: you are a champion created for a life of distinction. And those present situations are part of the process prepared for your elevation in life. So get a good positive attitude so you can fly and not sink. Do you realize that even when a situation looks hopeless, God can still turn it around! Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were sent into the fire for their faith. Rather than give up their faith and curse God, they kept on believing. That is the sort of attitude that you and I need to win. That ‘never say die’ attitude that refuses to quit. Do an attitude check today, and get in God’s ‘garage’ if your faith engine is in need of servicing. You are a champion. Begin to think and act and plan and speak like one, in Jesus Name. Amen.

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