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May 14: Great Confidence in a Great God

“Do not, therefore fling away your fearless confidence, for it carries a great….reward” – Hebrews 10:35(AMP)

Read: I Samuel 17:48-57; Luke 7:1-10; Proverbs 14:26

Great people are those who have great confidence in their great God. Their greatness is a benefit of the trust and confidence they have in their great God. They are not fearful people. They are bold as a lion and are not intimidated by oppositions or challenges. The Psalmist described people who trust the Lord as immoveable. God surrounds them as the mountains surround the holy land.  The centurion had never heard about anyone being ‘healed by proxy’ but was confident in Jesus’ ability to do it with his servant.  You must begin to exude great confidence in God because that is the reflection of faith that Satan and the world dread. Great confidence opens you up to strange manifestations of blessings. Train yourself to get rid of fear and become bold in the things of God. Make Him your sole trust always and let your words and actions always display that. Remember that David was not silent when he approached Goliath. Jesus confidently announced Himself as God’s Son, and said that you and I would do greater works than he did!