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May 1: The Word on a Mission

“For the Word that God speaks is alive and full of power, making it active, operative, energizing, and effective …” – Hebrews 4:12(AMP)

Read: Isaiah 55:10-13; Psalms 107:20; Hebrews 4:12

God’s Word is powerful. In fact it is the most powerful force in the whole of Heaven and earth! The Bible tells us in John 1:1 that God’s Word is God Himself. When God spoke at the beginning of creation, the entire world came into existence. When God sends His Word, it is like the rain from Heaven, which is sent to water the earth, so that the earth can bud forth and produce fruits. In the same way, every Word from God’s mouth to His people is sent to do them good and accomplish great things in their lives. The book of Hebrews compares it to a double-edged sword. That means it is precision equipment in the hands of the Holy Spirit. And nothing in our lives can escape the power in that sword. Thank God for His Word today and declare that it will produce fruit in every area of your life in Jesus name. Amen