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June 4: People of Covenant

Thus says the Lord; if you can break my covenant of the day…and of the night…then also may my covenant be broken with David my servant… Jeremiah 33:20-21

Read:  Ephesians 2:11-22; Psalms 89:3, 34

Abraham was one of the most blessed people in his generation. God boasted about him in Genesis 18. He said, “I know him; he will not only live by the covenant but will command all the members of his household to do the same” (paraphrased). That mattered a lot to God back then and it still does today. Let me ask you: Could God boast about you in a similar way? Are you committed to His covenant like Abraham was? Will you be bold enough to demand that the members of your household commit to the same covenant you live by? Will you stay on your knees until your entire household finds the covenant? That was one of the reasons Abraham became a friend of God. God loved the attention Abraham gave to His covenant. David was exactly the same way. God vowed that His covenant would never be broken with His covenant people! The Bible says in the past you and I were strangers to the covenant of promise. We were aliens from the commonwealth of Israel. But it is so different now! We are now fellow citizens with the saints; we are covenant people; we are members of the household of God. Doesn’t that do something to you? God is our Father; Jesus is our brother; the Holy Spirit is our never-departing Companion! And that is all because of the covenant. Hallelujah! You ought to look at yourself differently from people you see on the street without covenant. No matter what giant comes against you, it is an “uncircumcised Philistine” but you are a covenant child of God so God will work for you! David knew no matter how big his obstacle was victory was sure because of the covenant. You ought to get that same revelation today. I’m thrilled for you; you are a covenant child of God. Hallelujah!