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January 25: A Realm Out There

“And set your minds and keep them set on what is above (the higher things), not on the things that are on the earth” – Col 3:1 (Amp)

Read: Isaiah 55:1-11

 I truly believe that there is a realm in God that most of us believers are yet to experience. I believe it is a realm of ‘Glory’ that God ordained for His people. The Word of God says the Holy Spirit changes us from glory to glory so I know that if we cooperate with Him, He’ll keep moving us up until we get there. Do you believe that? Are you ready to go? Our study text today presents us with at least two (2) factors that have the potential of propelling us to that higher place: First, is thinking God’s thoughts; and the second is embracing God’s ways. God’s life is carried in God’s Words which originate from Him as thoughts. So, if we want to live like God and draw closer to Him, we’ve got to learn to think God’s thoughts. That means we will have to stop thinking like the world and have our minds renewed by the Word of God. The more we think like God, the more we will live like Him and the higher we will go in our relationship with Him. Fix your mind today on the things of God. Replace negative thoughts with positive, faith-filled ones. Take charge of your thoughts and fix them by the Word.