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February 23: Revealer of Secrets

“And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying,?This is the way, walk..?- Isaiah 30: 21

Read:? John 14:15-26; Daniel 2:19-23; Amos 3:7

Child of God, are you familiar with the voice of God? Do you hear Him distinctly when He speaks with you? God derives absolutely no benefit from your being in the dark concerning His plan and purpose for your life. He wants to share His secrets with you. He wants to break down mysteries and enrich your life in the process. Daniel described God as The Revealer of secrets only because He discovered God?s secrets when nobody else did. When you maintain an intimate relationship with God, He will speak with you clearly as a man speaks with his friend. The Bible says many things God has in store for us are in ?mystery form? but these things are easily revealed to us by the Holy Spirit when He is actively working in our lives. God personally guarantees you His presence everywhere you are if you keep your covenant with Him active. You do that by being obedient to every instruction that He gives you especially through the Scriptures. It is impossible to fail or be frustrated when that Divine Presence is leading us. That is why Jesus said it was expedient for Him to leave the earth so that the Holy Spirit could come. The Holy Spirit is the good shepherd who leads the sheep beside the still and restful waters. He makes us lie down in fresh (not stale or withered) tender green pastures. And even when we sometimes walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we need not fear because that divine presence guarantees our protection, safety, and prosperity always.