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February 10: The God of New Things

“Behold I will do a new thing?I will even make a way?and rivers in the desert” – Isaiah 43:19

Read:? Isaiah 42:8, 9; Isaiah 43:18, 19; Philippians 3:13, 14; Luke 19:41-44

God works in dispensations. One of the reasons most people miss out on the move of God in their lives is they are buried in an old rut of the past and God has moved beyond. Jesus wept over the natives of Jerusalem in Luke 19:41-44 because they were not expectant or excited in the day of their visitation. I believe God seeks to visit you and do something new for you in this new season and dispensation. In this new day of this new month of this New Year, stir your expectation in God and release your faith for the great future God is giving you. In order to enhance the realization of these new things in our lives, we must continually: (a) Let go of past failures and successes (b) Keep our expectation alive in God?s promises (c) Believe and confess that what God wants to do is in the ?now? not some unknown or undetermined future. I see you enjoying the new things of God from today in Jesus Name. Amen