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December 18: Activating Your Covenant of Fruitfulness

“And when they had this done, they inclosed a great multitude of fishes: and their net brake.”  Luke 5:6

 Read: John 15:1-14

Every Divine covenant is an agreement with two aspects to it: the first is God’s promise and His willingness and dedication to fulfill the terms of the covenant. The second aspect is man’s responsive action which actually invokes the covenant, making it operative. That means the fulfillment of the promises is actually up to us. Therefore, we must abide in Christ. Jesus said he is the true Vine, his Father is the Husbandman, and we are branches. That means we can’t bear fruit if we don’t abide in Him. To abide is to be connected and to stay vitally united to someone. We must be living in active obedience to and fellowship with His Word. Peter could have excluded himself from an unprecedented harvest of fish if he had rationalized and done his own thing. But he said, “At thy word” and then obeyed Jesus’ instructions. Sometimes, God’s instructions to us may come through a human vessel like us. If it lines up with God’s Word, just do it.