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December 16: God Is Giving You a New Song

And Sarah said, God hath made me to laugh, so that all that hear will laugh with me. ” – Genesis 21:6

Read: I Samuel 1:19-28

Many people may not realize it, but God created each of us with a natural ability to bring forth. The woman, meaning, ‘man with a womb,’ is the only hope of man for procreation. That’s why in the Old Testament times, when a woman was barren, she was like a leper, and bore a stigma in the eyes of society. The barren woman was the perfect analogy God needed to symbolize a life with great potential but which remains fruitless. She represents hopes that are dashed, frustrated expectations, unfulfilled dreams, and failure at the highest levels. Is there an area of your life that or someone you know who appears this way? Well, I’ve got good news for you – the barren woman will sing again. I see God visiting you today and giving you a new song. There is a supernatural turnaround coming to every area of your life from today. The Anointing for fruitfulness is coming your way. Your name is about to change. Thank God today for His good Word toward you. He will perfect everything that concerns you in Jesus’ name. Amen.