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December 13: Planted in the House

“Those that be planted in the House of the Lord, shall flourish……” Psalms 92: 13

Read: Haggai 2:4-9; Psalms 132:1-18

One of the preconditions for flourishing stated in Scriptures is that we must be planted in the House of the Lord. That is the local church. You can not prosper the way God wants you to as a believer if you are not ‘planted’ in a living local church. Being ‘planted’ is a major key to all that the palm tree becomes. It means to be fixed, permanent, established, occupying space, drawing from the soil and giving back. Remember that after God had made all the plants and herbs and fruit bearing trees in the Garden of Eden, He planted Adam there and gave him the job of tending it. The palm tree simply needs to be planted and it flourishes naturally. Are you planted in a local church? If you are not, firmly decide to be planted there. Go in there every week and receive the Word. Commit to the vision and submit to the leadership of the House. Be a tither and a giver. Use your gifts and talents in serving God there. That is how to be planted in the House of God. Be a part of the Great Commission of reaching the lost and making disciples. I see you flourishing in Jesus’ name.