Imparting life to the nations, one person at a time

DAY 28: You are God’s VIP!

Psalms 139:1-24

“For thus said the Lord of hosts, after [His] glory had sent me [His messenger] to the nations who plundered you–for he who touches you touches the apple or pupil of His eye:” (Zechariah 2:8, AMPC)

God created you to be a star. You are God’s VIP, God’s celebrity! No, you don’t need Hollywood to recognize you as such, God already declares you His VIP! Just like Jesus, you are a star. And regardless of where or how your life got started, you are destined for greatness and stardom. Everyone who is born again and a new creature in Christ is a star by virtue of redemption. You are a descendant of Abraham; you are one of the ‘children’ or ‘brethren’ of Christ, and God calls you a star! The Webster’s dictionary describes a star as a person who is pre-eminent in a particular field; who is outstandingly talented; a very important person (VIP); a celebrity; someone who plays the most prominent, most important, or most outstanding role in an endeavor. That’s you! The antonyms used by the dictionary for this word ‘star’ should not describe you by any means. Those words are: Anonymous, nameless, obscure, uncelebrated, infamous, unknown, unsung, nonentity, a useless nobody, a non-celebrity. That is not you! You are a star by virtue of redemption! The Bible says you were fearfully and wonderfully made, and you are the ‘apple’ of God’s eyes! Give Him praise for making you so privileged today.

Prayer: Thank you, Lord, for making me Your VIP!