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If the Lord has been good to you, give your testimony and give God praise and you know what? It just might encourage someone else…


  1. I asked for prayer for a little girl who had recently been diagnosed with leukemia, Adrianna G., I want to share some joyous news…. as of today she is in full remission….well that’s what the doctors call it, but we Christ believers also know that as being called HEALED! AMEN AMEN AMEN no sign of any cancer anywhere and there never will be in Jesus mighty name AMEN…thank you all for your prayer! May God bless you all in return. AMEN !

  2. I want to thank God for getting me into a very competitive Leadership Development Program last year, at work. Out of 1,000 employees I was one of 15 people selected into the pilot program, after being with my company less than a year. I was one of two non-managers selected and you just knew the other participants were wondering “How did he get into this program?” I was even told that one of the officers had mentioned that I was not meant to be in the program but my SVP went to bat for me to get into the program and God won as always. Things like that always make me laugh because God is always on the throne; He says it and that settles it. Praise God!! Oghene Me (MY GOD)

  3. Mylonne (mah-lon) Sullivan

    2015 is my year of heaven on earth. The first time i said this here at ALIC, i HOPED it was true. The more and more i confessed it a loud i truly began to believe it. God has truly showed out this year for me. In february we went over goals in this chuch and i must say, God has blessed all of them and I know He is still working! After almost a year of job searching i was finally offered a position in my field as a case manager and was able to begin working 3 weeks after graduating college this july. Not only has God enabled me to obtain a degree this year, He has increased my finances, given me an amazing job working with beautiful people and surrounded me with the most caring, supportive and spirit filled friends (they are my family!!) that anyone could ask for. He has removed hatred from heart and stretched me and my faith in Him- in so many areas! He has filled relationships with His love! 2015 has really been my year of Heaven on earth. He has restored my peace! And taken a hold of my mind!! My God is teaching me so much about my purpose and who i am in Him. He is truly amazing. This year He has allowed me to join an awesome chuch with people who truly thirst for Him. He has surrounded me with Godly examples in every area of my life! I can’t even begin to fathom why He is so good!

  4. Praise God!!! My God has been unconditionally good and merciful to me in every area of my life.I mean EVERY AREA and the blessings keep coming. He has kept my entire family free from premature death, diseases and has richly blessed me with divine illumination which has eliminated every aspect of fear in me.I praise God for the freedom he has given me to go where I want to and has always seen to it that whatever I start working on, His grace is made available to lead me to the end SUCCESSFULLY. What a Great God we serve.I had a major transportation need in my life so much that i will walk on foot to work, in the snow. It would always think of quitting my job but I kept believing. Finally raised $2,700.00 which I used to buy a second handed car.I was very happy with my new ride but two days after i bought that car, I was very unfortunate to be involved in an accident in the snow,while driving to work. After leaving the emergency room for checkup, i went home. Lucky enough, I insured this new car on the spot of purchase.The devil tried to steal my happiness with very disturbing thoughts about the accident and the internal chest bruises i had.i wept that night,encouraged myself with a few songs and went to sleep.Two days later, my insurance called and said the car was badly damaged so i will be reimbursed for the car. I said no problem.To God be the glory when this lady called me a second time, she told me I will be compensated with $4,800.Praise God!!!! that was way over the cost price of my car.This was a major financial break through because i was able to get another ride, pay my bills and still had some change on me.May God get all the glory for all he is doing in my life.Lord i bless you with my heart because my words can never be enough to express my gratitude. Hallelujahh!!!

  5. Praise the Lord!!!! God is a GOOD GOD and His goodness has been working great uncountable miracles in my life.My testimony is about HOW GOD REVEALED A SECRET TO ME JUST BY ME LISTENING TO A GODPEL MUSIC.In the month of June,2015 my friend opted to bu a present for me online,on my academic achievement.I went onlin

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