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Prayer Schedule – Tuesday

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Prayer for ALIC Members and Partners

Confession to Manifest the Kingdom of God

Father God in Heaven, we thank You that the Body of Christ is enjoying the days of heaven upon the earth as You promised in Deuteronomy 11 : 21. your Kingdom is within us, empowering us that You may heal the sick, raise the dead, and cast out devils through these yielded vessels. Everything in us and around us that is not according to heaven must bow its knee to Jesus Christ and flee at the mention of His Name. You promised that they would not hurt nor destroy in all Your holy mountain, and that the lion would lay down with the lamb. Therefore, in the Name of Jesus, we evict every spirit that threatens the peace, safety, joy, love, mercy, grace, and blessing of God in and around us, our families, businesses, communities, and churches. We bind you devil and cast you out, in Jesus? Name.

Thank You, Father, that we enjoy the liberty and power of Your anointing which destroys every yoke and removes every burden. You bring heaven to earth wherever we go and Your perfect love casts out all fear. Be exalted in all the earth and restore everything to its rightful order under the authority of Jesus Christ. We keep our foot on the devil?s neck and enforce Christ?s victory over all principality and power and authority. Manifest Your Kingdom in full measure because Jesus reigns and all enemies have been put under His feet, in Jesus? Name. Amen.

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