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Prayer Schedule – Thursday

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Prayer for the Implementation of the A.L.I.C. Global Commission

Prayer for A.L.I.C., Akron

Father, we thank you for the mighty work you are doing through ALIC in Akron, Ohio.? Now in obedience to your word we boldly take this work forward to start Sunday services on May 23rd, 2010.? Lord we ask that

  • Your word will have a free course in the city of Akron.
  • You will send laborers into this city which is so ripe for harvest.
  • You will use A.L.I.C. to turn the hearts of many to Yourself.
  • This work will be attended by many signs and wonders.
  • Souls won, will be discipled quickly, and become soul winners themselves.

And Lord we boldly ask in the name of Jesus, that You will birth yet another church through Abundant Life International Church, Akron.

Prayer for A.L.I.C. School of Ministry

Father God, thank You that ?A.L.I.C. School of Ministry is training up disciples skillful in the Word of righteousness, and they now go forth to establish God?s Kingdom in all the earth. We are training up and sending out ambassadors into all the world to preach the gospel and make disciples of all nations. Our Media Ministry through anointed radio, TV, satellite, audio, video, CD?s, printed media and internet is filling the earth with God?s anointed Word, evangelizing the lost and perfecting the saints.

Prayer for Abundant Life Publications

Abundant Life Publications is filling the earth with the anointed word of God and people are being saved, discipled and set forth in ministry by the influence of our publications.? Father, I thank you for Abundant Life Publications.? Thank you because the Lord gave the word and great was the company of those that published it.? Thank you for the books published by this ministry.? We declare that doors of opportunity are being opened by the Lord.? Every opposition and adversary is defeated and these books are finding their way into the hands of all who need the message therein.? The angels of God are on assignment and are taking these books through divine connections to every part of the United States, Africa, Asia, Europe and all around the world.? These books are bringing about the opening of the eyes of the blind, healing broken hearts, bringing deliverance to the captives, restoring hope to the hopeless and new life and passion to the weak and discouraged.? There is a clamor for these books; for the word of God therein.? Abundant Life Publications are in very high demand and the press can barely meet up with the demand in Jesus name.? We declare that these books are bringing about opportunities for our pastors and A.L.I.C. members to share the word of God both far and near.

Let the Word of God published through Abundant Life Publications grow; let it multiply; let it prevail in Jesus name!

Prayer for A.L.I.C. Internet Church & Home Groups

Father, we thank you for our church planting mission through the ALIC Internet Church of Abundant Life International church.? Thank you because it is Your desire that souls are saved and discipled for Your Kingdom.? It is your desire that we, like our Big Brother Jesus, bring many sons unto glory.? Now Lord, raise up people who will take on this vision of the ALIC Internet Church and run with it.? The Bible says, that ?In the days of your power, your people will be willing.?? Now Lord, make your people willing.? Let them have a passion to be e-members or to start and pastor internet churches all over this region and all over the world.? Add multititudes to the church through this venture Lord.? Save, heal, deliver and set free from yokes and bondages.? Let many souls gather together in these churches.? Let them be places of worship, prayer, fellowship and discipleship.? Let many be added to the Kingdom through these churches.? Let these churches enjoy favor in every community where you will raise them up.? Let them continue steadfastly in our Lord?s doctrine, in fellowship, a in breaking of bread and in prayers; from house to house; from coast to coast; from continent to continent.? And let them name of our God be lifted up and magnified in Jesus? name.? Amen.

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