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Prayer Schedule – Sunday

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Church Confession

Abundant Life International Church 

We, the Body of Believers at ABUNDANT LIFE INTERNATIONAL CHURCH, live in perfect harmony and full agreement with the Word of God, and there is no division among us. Every service is full of God’s love, His praise, His revelation, and His power.

Twenty-thousand Believers have been added to ALIC, both men and women, and each member is fully committed to the work of the Lord. People are flowing into ALIC and those who are coming with sicknesses or who are troubled with foul spirits are all cured. There is not one feeble one among us. All the members of our congregation are tithers and we are living under open heavens.

We are bold in our witness and are reigning as kings in the earth. We are doers of the Word of God and are experiencing only success and victory in every area of life. This church is prospering financially, having more than enough to meet the need of every situation.

We are redeemed from poverty, sickness and spiritual death, and no weapon formed against us prospers. Thank You father, for our new facilities, for Your blessings upon this church, and for using us to establish Your Word throughout the earth. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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