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Prayer Schedule – Saturday

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Prayer for the Saints in the Body of Christ (In Greater Cleveland & Akron)

Father God, I pray for the saints in the body of Christ, that You will raise up a mighty, warrior army to fiercely tread down the powers of darkness and set the captives free. Cause Your people to rise up and take authority over the forces of the enemy that have blinded nations to follow the paths of destruction. Give us souls for Your Kingdom. Pour out Your Spirit upon all flesh. Transform their lives as their minds are renewed. Strengthen them to walk as sons of God in the earth, in total victory, not ever overcome with evil, but overcoming evil with good all the time, in every situation, without fail.

Lord, we pray that every Believer will grow to be strong, mature, fruit-bearing disciple of Christ, sanctified from the world, empowered to? sever, fulfilling? Your purpose and plan for their lives. Come quickly, Lord Jesus, for Your Church, and conclude this dispensation in the earth, in Jesus? Name. Amen.

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