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ALIC Prayer Schedule

In Abundant Life International Church, we believe strongly in the power of prayer.? We believe that our God answers prayers and therefore we make our prayers continuously to Him.

We hope you will commit today to praying for this Commission, daily.

We pray daily for our Pastor and his family and we have scheduled other prayer points for the different days of the week.

See below for the prayer schedule and links to the confessions written for each day.






Final Semester Introductory ClassIntroductory Class
Week 1Lesson 29Church Pioneering, Planting & LeadingLesson 29Lesson 29
Week 2Lesson 30Church Pioneering, Planting & LeadingLesson 30Lesson 30
Week 3Lesson 31Church Pioneering, Planting & LeadingLesson 31
Week 4Lesson 31bChurch Pioneering, Planting & Leading (2)Lesson 31b
Week 5Lesson 32Maintaining Open Heavens Over Your Ministry through Prayer and FastingLesson 32
Week 6Lesson 33CHURCH PIONEERING, Planting, & Leading (2) (Preaching and Shepherding)Lesson 33
Week 7Lesson 33 AppendixPREACHINGLesson 33b
Week 8Lesson 34CHURCH PIONEERING, Planting, & Leading (3) (People Skills, Ministry Skills and ‘BTS’ Labor)oLesson 34
Week 9Lesson 35SPIRITUAL AUTHORITYLesson 35
Week 10Lesson 36SPIRITUAL WARFARELesson 36
Lesson 36 Appendix -aSpiritual Jurisdiction
Lesson 36 Appendix-bAccuser of the Brethren
ALICSOM 4th Mid-Semester Review Class4th Mid-Semester Review
ALIC SOM PracticumALICSOM PracticumSOM Practicum
Week 11Lesson 37Ensuring Continuity for the Future of MinistryLesson 37
Week 12Lesson 38Ensuring Continuity for the Future of Ministry (2)Lesson 38
Week 13Lesson 39Concluding Notes on Overview of the Ministry (1)Lesson 39
Week 14Lesson 40Concluding Notes on Overview of the Ministry (2)Lesson 40
ALICSOM 4th Semester Final review Class4th Semester Final Review
FINAL EXAM4th Semester Final Exam


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