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2017: GLORY!

Every year at Abundant Life International Church, we go through a corporate 21-day fast called the “Daniel Fast.”

Guidelines for the 2017 ALIC 21-Day Corporate Fast

Free Conference Line: (866) 882-8518 or (216) 352-4160

Prayer5.00AM –  Join the 30-minute Prayer Session on the Free Conference line
–  Weekly Prayer Points (click).

Read: Please refer to the table below for the Mounting Up Daily Devotional for the next 21 days.
–  Read the A.L.I.C. 2017 confessions (click)out loud.

Midweek Bible Study: Join the teleconference line every Wednesday evening from 8pm – 9pm during the Fast and subsequent week.

  • We encourage everyone to read as much of the word of God as possible during this time of fast; God speaks!
  • submit your prayer points online (click), so we can agree with you).
  • Write down any “word” from the Lord that strikes you as important or strikes you as an instruction.

See other Fasting resourcesFrequently Asked Questions.

2017 Daniel Fast Daily Devotional

Week 1Week of Consecration
Monday (01/09/17)Candidates for Glory

Day 1

Tuesday (01/10/17)God Will Come Through

Day 2

Wednesday (01/11/17)Expect God’s Visitation

Day 3

Thursday (01/12/17)The Perfect Makeover Sculptor

Day 4

Friday (01/13/17)How Are You Responding?

Day 5

Saturday (01/14/17)Do You Really Understand?

Day 6

Sunday (01/15/17)Don't Abort The Glory Plan

Day 7

Week 2Week of Revelation
Monday (01/16/17)Bury Those Boxes

Day 8

Tuesday(01/17/17)The Glory Checklist

Day 9

Wednesday (01/18/17)Enhancing The Glory

Day 10

Thursday (01/19/17)Your God-Given Assignment

Day 11

Friday (01/20/17)The Right Path

Day 12

Saturday (01/21/17)The Winning Prize

Day 13

Sunday (01/22/17)The Author And Finisher

Day 14

Week 3Week of Preparation
Monday (01/23/17)Something Beautiful Out Of Your Life

Day 15

Tuesday (01/24/17)On Eagles' Wings

Day 16

Wednesday (01/25/17)How Do You Choose?

Day 17

Thursday (01/26/17)Staying The Course

Day 18

Friday (01/27/17)Show Me Your Way

Day 19

Saturday (01/28/17)Destined For Royalty

Day 20

Sunday (01/29/17)Road Map To Destiny

Day 21

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