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2017: #GLORY!

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Prayer5.00AM –  Join the 30-minute Prayer Session on the Free Conference line
–  Daily Prayer Points (click).

Read: Please refer to the table below for the Mounting Up Daily Devotional for the next 21 days.
–  Read the A.L.I.C. 2017 confessions (click) out loud.

Midweek Bible Study: Join the teleconference line every Wednesday evening from 8pm – 9pm for a Word Session with Rev Kayode Tadese.

  • We encourage everyone to read as much of the word of God as possible during this time of fast; God speaks!
  • submit your prayer points online (click), so we can agree with you).
  • Write down any “word” from the Lord that strikes you as important or strikes you as an instruction.

Beyond The Daniel Fast 2017

Mounting UP Daily Devotional

Daily Prayer Focus

Your Dream Is Your Future

Day 22

Pray for the Nation
The Power of Passion

Day 23

Pray for the President
What Is That in Your Hands?

Day 24

Pray for the Leadership: Congress,
Mayors, Governors, etc.
Doors of Opportunity

Day 25

Pray for the Body of Christ,
Ministers, Ministries, Missionaries, etc.
When The Going Gets Tough.

Day 26

Pray for Personal needs,
spiritual needs, emotional needs
The Tough Gets Going

Day 27

Pray for physical needs, healing, etc
Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude

Day 28

Pray for the Financial needs,
material needs, Legal needs, etc.
Grace Minus Discipline = Disgrace

Day 29

Pray for relational needs, marital needs, family needs; our children
Strides of Destiny

Day 30

Thanksgiving and Praise
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