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Abundant Life International School of Ministry commenced in October, 2008 with the first set of students.  The SOM was birthed from the Senior Pastor’s God-given vision to raise and train ministers of the gospel who would be able and willing to go into the nooks and crannies of the earth and make disciples of nations.

Our students are passionate and are willing to sacrifice all, as they relentlessly spread the good news of the Kingdom of Heaven all over this planet.  At A.L.I.C. SOM, we understand the shear boldness and courage it takes to step out in ministry and our curriculum is designed to train ministers who will hit the ground running wherever God sends them.

The first set of ministers graduated in May 2010.

  • ALIC SOM Curriculum:
  • The ALIC SOM offers three tracks of discipleship:
  • (1) The Certificate Program – One-Year Curriculum
  • (2) The Licensure Program – Two-Year Curriculum
  • (3) The Ordination Program – Two-Year Curriculum plus One year Practicum

The Certificate Program
– Students who sign up for the One-Year Certificate program are required to complete 2 Semesters.
– They may choose to go on and complete an extra 2 semesters to qualify for the Licensure Program.
– These Students will receive a Certificate at the end of the 2 Semesters of learning.

The Licensure Program
– Students who register for the Licensure Program will be required to complete 4 semesters (Fall and Spring) over 2 years.
– These students will qualify for licensing privileges under Abundant Life International church at the end of 2 years.

The Ordination Program
– For Students seeking ordination through the ministries of Abundant Life International Church, a supervised one-year Practicum is required IN ADDITION to going through the two-year licensure program.

Depending on what track an individual chooses, ALIC SOM offers an in-depth study of various aspects of ministry  such as :
Discovering your spiritual gifts
Engaging the Holy Spirit
Organizing the vision
Mobilizing finances for your assignment
Growing and stepping out in faith
Local church (planting & leading) / pioneering
Confronting opposition (spiritual warfare)
Ministry structure and administration
Ensuring continuity (planning for the future)

A recommended supervised one-year Practicum follows the 2-year online course schedule.

With all these in mind, our curriculum is taught by ministers who are well seasoned in church planting, and pioneering in various aspects of ministry.

What do I do now?

If you feel the Call of God within you and yearn to be instrumental in God’s agenda for these end-times, we urge you to get up from the side-lines and avail yourself of this down-to-earth training and join this Global Commission as we battle for the souls of men, women, youth and children.

All our classes are online

All our classes are online and all our lessons (documents and audio) are available to you free, once you register.


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