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[xa_acc style=”xa-blue” ][xa_slide title=”Goal of the Program” openclose=”in” icon=”tasks”]To prepare and disciple Christians for the work of the ministry. [/xa_slide][xa_slide title=”Program Structure” openclose=”” icon=”sitemap”]The ALIC SOM offers three tracks of discipleship: (1) The One-Year Certificate Program and (2) The Two-Year Licensure Program (3) Ordination Program[/xa_slide][xa_slide title=”Online Classroom Method” openclose=”” icon=”university”]All Classes are Online 1½ hour class, one day a week for 12 weeks per semester Online handouts Teachings available on DVD, CD or mp3 downloads Virtual classrooms for missed classes Suggested reading/take-home Assignments Mid-semester & final exams[/xa_slide][xa_slide title=”Three Live Mandatory Online Classes Per Semester” openclose=”” icon=”tasks”]There will be: – ONE LIVE (real time) online class at the beginning of the semester to introduce curriculum, welcome students, give pertinent instructions etc. – ONE LIVE (real time) online class at the Middle of the semester before the Mid-semester exams to address pertinent issues and give further instructions, to answer questions from the courses and other questions students may have, give updates, receive feedback and conduct Mid-Semester Exams. – And ONE FINAL LIVE (real time) online class at the end of the semester before the final exams to round up and conclude semester, give updates, answer questions, address issues relating to the next semester, and conduct final exams etc. – These LIVE CLASSES ARE MANDATORY for students but we will be happy to accommodate those whose schedules won’t permit them to join in real time as long as they review the classes afterwards. Notifications will be sent before each class and dates will be advertised ahead of time. [/xa_slide][xa_slide title=”For International Students” openclose=”” icon=”support (alias)”]– or for students who do not have dependable internet access, Curriculum media packages of the program will be mailed to them. In addition, a Faculty Staff will be on hand to answer questions, provide guidance and needed help by email in real time. ALICSOM Curriculum Media Packages will include: A lesson manual, CD/DVD packages for each semester. Participation and registration must remain active for students to receive ALICSOM Curriculum Media Packages for subsequent semesters.[/xa_slide][xa_slide title=”Graduation Requirements” openclose=”” icon=”trophy”]Students must complete all classes (12 Classes per Semester), assignments and exams to be considered eligible for graduation for either the Certificate Program or Licensure Program. Additional requirements may be applicable if Student desires ordination.[/xa_slide][xa_slide title=”Ordination Requirement” openclose=”” icon=”users”]For Students seeking ordination under Abundant Life International Church,[/xa_slide][/xa_acc]

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