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Teaching Our Children (6 years – 12 Years)

Our Approach

Heavenly Rockers 

 (6-8 years)

We bring the word of God to our children at their level of understanding through bible study, art, craft and other fun activities.

We take time to introduce our children to the message of salvation with the understanding that even little children can be saved.

We  introduce our children to reading the bible as opposed to reading just bible-based stories.

We introduce our children to personal daily devotion including praying, bible reading and journaling.

We will emphasize the benefits & the practice of committing God’s word to memory.



Young Dynamos

(9-12 years)

We emphasize consistent devotion including, daily bible reading, specific prayer points, and detailed journaling.

We arouse and ignite a hunger in our children for service by encouraging them to use their talents and spiritual gifts.

We emphasize the importance of personal evangelism and testimony as a lifestyle.

We encourage them to exercise Godly leadership skills by not bowing to peer pressure.

We remind them that even at their young ages, they can give to God with their talents and offerings.

We will have interactive group sessions where our children will be free to share life experiences, concerns in the light of God’s word.


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