Jesus Christ is Lord!


2020 Confession

2020: Year of Harvests, Joy, Open-Doors, Possibilities, & Overflow! 2020 is my year and decade of Harvests, Joy, Open-Doors, Possibilities, and Overflow. I lift up my eyes to the hills, It’s HARVEST TIME! I hear the sound of abundance of rain: The former and latter rain in the same month; The blade, the ear, and the full harvest in the same season.…

2017 Prophetic Declaration

Click to download the 2017 Prophetic Declaration 2017: GLORY! 2017 is my year of manifested Glory My light has come and the Glory of the Lord is risen upon me. More Jesus, more miracles, more power The Glory of this latter house will be greater than the former. Lift up your heads o you gates,…

January 10: How Lovely are Your Tabernacles

HOW LOVELY are Your tabernacles, O Lord of hosts! – Isaiah 84:1 Read:  Psalms 84:1-4 Beloved, you are God’s tabernacle. The Bible says you and I are the “temple” of the Holy Spirit. The word tabernacle isn’t necessarily a physical structure or tent or building. God’s tabernacle is wherever His presence abides. And that’s why it is lovely. When God’s presence continually…

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